You and Your Colleagues Generate New

The Methods From the Book That Help nd Original Ideas. . The View of Another World Find a Guest Speaker Who Will Give a Lecture About His or Her Field of Work. You Are Dealing With the Same Issue but This Expert Looks at It From a Completely Different Perspective. For Example a Biologist Who Knows a Lot About Flying and Then Gives a Lecture to Aircraft Manufacturers. Another Good Example a Fighter Pilot Who Explains to Skaters How He Deals With Spe. In This Working Method You Exchange Different Perspectives and Ideas During the Guest Lecture. . Superhero You Imagine That You Are a Superhero. Your Colleagues Are Each a Different Superhero. Together You Look at an Issue From This New Perspective.

This May Be a Bit Awkward at First but Superheroes

Do Not Suffer From Limitations. By Putting Yourself in the Position of Superheroes Hong Kong Telegram Data With Your Colleagues Obstacles Disappear and You Broaden Your Thinking. This Provides Starting Points. This Way You Will Find New and Realistic Solutions to the Problem. . Serendipity Serendipity Means That You Accidentally Discover New Things or Interesting Combinations. This is Not Something You Can Force but You Can Give Fate a Helping Hand. If You Have Been Working on an Issue for a Long Time and Intensively and Are Looking for a Solution This Method Offers a Solution. So You Try to Provoke the Lucky Coincidence So to Speak. You Do This by Consciously Staging Coincidences in the Creative Process.

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In Essence It Comes Down to Doing

Everything Differently Than You Are Us to. You Can Do This Method Alone or France Telegram Number a Group. Provide a Clear Objective or Issue. Choose an Assignment to Provoke the Coincidence Such as Go to a Bookstore Stand in Line and Buy Whatever Book the Person in Front of You in Line is Buying. In a Group Discussion Everyone Then Shares the Associations He or She Had. Then You Try to Link This.

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