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In Babboes case there was radio silence for two weeks. were in suspense all the while talking and speculating. The result Dissatisfied customers and a deteriorated reputation. It takes years to build a reputation and only characters to ruin it Warren Buffet What I describe above is mainly reactive. It is even more important to ensure a continuous flow of positive reporting so that the general public believes in your organization and trusts you. This ultimately ensures that people want to do business with you and not with your competitor.

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Also read The most important PR trends for How social media play a role The role of social media is essential in building and maintaining a Lebanon Telegram Data reputation. The media has a major influence on the image of your company among customers and other stakeholders. They act as a kind of bridge between your message and the general public. Distributing positive information through the press therefore has a beneficial effect on your reputation . In addition percent of consumers trust earned media and journalists.

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Information and their integrity is Thailand Telegram Number doubted. Knowing this it is important for an organization to proactively collaborate with the media. I hear you thinking… What do I share with the media And are they even waiting for my news Lets start with the fact that building a relationship with the press and therefore building your reputation is not a onetime activity. After all Aachen and Cologne were not built in one day. It is investing and achieving results in the long term. It is all the more important to start today. Stepbystep plan for successful media relations and a good reputation Know the right.

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