Net linking, essential in SEO

The inbound link must be of good quality and closely related to the site that hosts it. For this, it is essential that this site has three things: solid authority, good traffic generation and addresses a theme similar to your page. Quality content Without a doubt, the editorial content on which the link is published and its quality play an important role. To do this, it must be correctly essential in SEO written structured using HTML tags and have sufficient length. The backlink anchor At best, the anchor text should be natural, semantically close to the sentence containing the link, but also in agreement with the theme of the page in question. The location of the link The position of the backlink on the page (ideally at the top) influences its quality, as does its position in the structure of the site .

The number of links

The backlink source page must contain a minimum number of links in order to avoid weakening what we call SEO juice. The backlink attribute An inbound do follow link receives the authority of the source site. This is not the case Telemarketing Data for a no follow link because the latter does not transmit SEO value. Using backlinks incorrectly exposes you to certain risks. Indeed, in 2012, the Google algorithm integrated Penguin , a filter allowing you to check the quality of backlinks. This can result in severe sanctions up to the declassification of the site or even its de-indexing. This is why it is preferable to respect Google guidelines and favor quality backlinks.

The various net linking strategies

In order to best optimize your net linking strategy, there are many ways to do it: Acquiring inbound links : This strategy involves paying to acquire backlinks BAB Directory from third-party sites, usually with high authority. However, this practice is not recommended by Google because it can lower the overall value of links on the internet. Indeed, purchased backlinks are often of poor quality.

Link exchange : This method involves establishing a partnership with a third-party site to mutually publish links. This method can be effective as long as the content is quality. Relevant and related to the theme of the site. Social backlinks published on social networks, these links have limited SEO weight due to the 

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