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And we know you don’t want to limit yourself to just one feedback platform. There are many review platforms that you can use according to your industry niche. Here are some of the best feedback platforms you should consider. 1. Google reviews As a platform, Google reviews is one of the most popular and trusted sources for both customers and business owners. Most consumers are likely to do a Google review before visiting a business. As such, it can make all the difference to how your business works, making it a great reason to display 5-star Google reviews on your website. The best thing about Google reviews is that they can be used in any industry. Whether you own a restaurant or a clothing business, you can use Google Reviews for your business.

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Moreover, it also helps the company to increase its SEO scores in SERP . 2. Facebook Reviews Facebook has billions of users. Because of its immense reach and popularity, Facebook has already become a marketing tool for businesses. But it is Job Function Email List more than that. While you are running a business, you should also consider Facebook reviews as a feedback platform. recommendations. With the growing popularity of online shopping, Facebook reviews have become a great place to check the authenticity of any product or service. Because social media is designed to look friendly, people often go to Facebook looking for recommendations for their next purchase. 

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This makes Facebook reviews a great feedback platform. 3. Yelp Reviews Yelp is one of the best review platforms in the industry. 2004. And it BAB Directory became an instant favorite of the masses. It is another great feedback platform that has helped local businesses to mark their presence among their target customers. Yelp is a great example of word of mouth going digital. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a dentist, if you’re on Yelp, your customers will find their way to you. 4. comes to accommodations, one of the platforms trusted by many travelers and travelers is Airbnb. Airbnb is short for Air Bed and Breakfast.

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