Teaser trailers for upcoming products to build

Filters to add color and graphics to your snaps. Vote to encourage engagement and learn more about your followers. Prada uses lenses to let customers “try on” its new line of bags. Snapchat also gives you the opportunity to share exclusive creative Snaps with only your most loyal fans, such as: Everyday content such as funny photos, selfies, moments of entertainment, or learning about your company culture or how your products are made. How-to content that showcases what you know while teaching your target audience something new. excitement and make followers feel like they know the inside story. Let them see product placements of your inventory in the real world. (You can also involve Snapchat influencers.

Event coverage that can be uploaded as a story

User-generated content highlights your customers and their experience. You can share exclusive promo codes with your own followers, or send to Snapchat influencers to share with their audiences. Contest details to attract submissions generated by other Snapchatter users. 4 Try Snapchat Ads Snapchat Ads allow you to target specific Snapchat users Iran Mobile Number List based on their location, interests, age, language, and even the type of device they’re using. Location targeting is particularly powerful, with options for multi-country, metro, or point radius, allowing you to target users near a specific address. Pretty Polly uses clear, simple imagery in its Snapchat ads to promote special discounts for its target audience. Snapchat Ads offers a variety of ad formats to choose from, including Video Ads and Snapchat Stories.

You can create ads through

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Snapchat business account just like you do on other social media networks. 5 Get Local with Custom Geo Stories Want to drive more traffic to your brick and mortar store? Custom Geo Stories for Snapchat can help boost your marketing efforts. You can tag a location (such as a town, city, or neighborhood) or enter a specific address and a radius of points Bab Directory around it to capture users near your store. This is a great way to run a local Snapchat campaign targeting a specific audience—for example, you could run different campaigns in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Set up custom geo stories on Snapchat. 6 Share the behind-the-scenes story Snapchat’s ephemeral nature makes it a “behind-the-scenes” platform. The content isn’t going anywhere so you can afford it to be authentic and genuine.

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