The Best Ways for Marketers to Reach U.S. Boomers in 2023

Many marketers have been turning to younger. More tech-friendly generations, like Gen Z and Millennials, when assessing data and consumer behavior. Yet, beyond the generational gap that creates what The Best Ways some may view as a technological divide. The Boomer generation makes up a healthy segment The Best Ways of active. consumers who shouldn’t be overlooked. While there doesn’t need to be much said about the difference. In attitudes toward technology between Boomers and younger generations. When it comes to reaching this group. There are a few things to keep in mind that will help you foster long-term customer-brand relationships.

A generation that loves email

Unlike the digital natives that live and breathe on social platforms, Boomers, much differently, are a generation that grew up in a world with more traditional forms of communication like paper mail Indonesia Phone Number List advertisements and phone calls. With the digitization of the millennium, Boomers now happily gravitate mostly toward email — a form of communication that serves them the brand interactions they love in a comfortable and familiar way.

In fact, email remains the most common online purchase channel for this generation.

The importance of a well-rounded strategy

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However, don’t totally rule out the possibility of utilizing other channels yet. While Boomers may not be the most digitally connected generation, their use of mobile devices is still quite considerable. Take into consideration that 50% of Boomers have made an in-app purchase, while 19% have purchased digital content via mobile. They are also using their devices in-store to assist them in making purchases that fit both their needs and budget. Indeed nearly half of the surveyed population have used their mobile phone to research purchases. While 50% have browsed for products in-store but ultimately purchased online.

While fewer respond to SMS/MMS and social media posts and advertisements, the possibility to find engagement on those channels is not completely lacking. While this reach may not be breaking the The Best Ways 50% mark — notably, 25% of Boomers have made a purchase from a social BAB Directory media post in the last year, and 11% of Boomers have made a purchase from an SMS/MMS communication in that same time. While these channels may have The Best Ways not completely caught the attention of this older generation — as the omnichannel marketing experience becomes more ordinary, there’s reason to believe that their channel interests and responses may broaden in time.

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