The leaked Galaxy 23 FE Geekbench listing


Having just launched a new variant of the Galaxy S21 FE in India. With the Snapdragon 888 Samsung is now shifting its focus to the next.

device in the lineup. Interestingly, all the recent leaks and rumors suggest that it might be launched as the S23 FE and not the S22 FE. While the launch date remains aThe leaked Galaxy mystery, a few recent Geekbench listings have now revealed that Samsung may offer two versions of the device with different chipsets in the US and global markets. The first listing , which was released earlier this month, is for a Samsung device with the model ID ‘SM-S711B’. It is a global variant and is expected to be sold in Europe, Asia and other non-US markets.

According to the listing The leaked Galaxy

it is powered by an Exynos 2200 SoC (listed as ‘motherboard s5e9925’), which has a tri-cluster architecture and clocks at a maximum of 2.8 GHz. It also has an integrated Xclipse 920 GPU. This particular variant has 8GB of RAM, but it’s unclear if Samsung will offer

a higher The leaked Galaxy end model with more Country Email List RAM. The last list is for the code option “Samsung SM-S711U1”. Unlike the previous model, this model is powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen1 , listed on Geekbench as a ‘Taro motherboard’. It also has a tri-cluster processor, but the clock is slightly higher, up to 3 GHz. Like the Exynos model, this model also has 8 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S23

eveal that both variants will run on Android 13. There’s not much information about the Galaxy S23 FE at the moment, but a previous leak suggested the device could ship with a 50MP primary camera – an upgrade from the 12MP primary sensor found on the S21 FE. As for Geekbench listings, they’re easy to fake, so take them with a BAB Directory pinch of salt for now. That said, if the listings are accurate and Samsung goes back to the The leaked Galaxy old ways of offering the same smartphone with different chipsets in different markets, it will be interesting to see how buyers react to it, as this policy was not popular. earlier when the company launched Exynos-powered devices globally while selling Snapdragon-powered models in the US Twitter Facebook to your friend LinkedIn Sites Related Posts:  Ultra Review: The closest to perfection Samsung Galaxy S20+ Review The standard holder.

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