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The employees adhere to the guidelines on how teams are namd or structurd. If it becomes a manual process for the individual user, it often has the negative consequence that this falls by the wayside. As humans, we always want our content to be as easy to find as possible. When every team within a company is structurd differently, it is difficult to find information. Different naming styles and a range of settings result in individually designd teams. Without a global structure, data is scatterd in different places. Whether it’s attachd in chats, addd to two different channels, or in a private team, data becomes inaccessible.

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This not only hurts the Microsoft Teams experience. It also turns a productivity and collaboration tool into a hindrance instead of whatsapp mobile number list a help. Microsoft Teams Governance Strategies So how can we address these issues? While team proliferation inspires true organic growth, it’s not a long-term strategy. Governance will drive adoption of Microsoft Teams through a control structure with rules and regulations. However, a governance strategy that is too rigid will not encourage employee use. Here are a few different approaches to governing your Microsoft Teams implementation.

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A solution that drives adoption and controls team sprawl. User-driven Microsoft Teams governance In summary, user-driven governance BAB Directory is the pure democratization of Microsoft Teams. This governance strategy allows users to create, configure, and maintain their teams in the way they do best. It is the most common method of Microsoft Teams governance as it is the default configuration for Microsoft Teams. Organizations that choose a user-driven approach typically provide a governance plan.

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