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How to choose a good cover photo ? Your profile is your business card, but it should also respond to the nes of the recipient. What is he looking for in you? Depending on the answer to this question, you might want to rethink how best to use your background banner . Remember that the photo is disay to other users. It is worth managing them well. Background photo ideas . Cover photo in the profile of a company emoyee . The first option if you are an emoyee of a companycorporationagency etc. It is worth asking in the marketing department (sometimes HR) whether they have ready-made banners on LinkIn.

Should Catch Your Attention

If your profile is not target, for exame, at a job change goal, and you want to represent your emoyer in the best possible way, it would be good for the cover photo to be approv by the company. It is possible that your company operates in the area of ​​Emoyee Advocacy projects and has prepar materials for its peoe. Remember whatsapp mobile number list that promoting your business is not mandatory. However, if you decide to use LinkIn in activities promoting business or acquiring customers via Linkin, let your profile represent the company’s values. Your company can prepare several such banners, depending on the department in which you work.

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An How Much Time Does It Actually Take

It is worth updating the background photo, if you are currently imementing a CSR campaign or launching a new product on the market. Consistent communication through a cover photo is n’t just for large organizations. You can easily imement it even with a company of several peoe. Most often , the background photo is us by freelancers. By following, for exame, trainers or advisors, you can notice that they actively show their businesses on the banner. How to use it? On the project you can show several main elements of your services, present a website, slogans relat to your BAB Directory personal brand or advertise a special offer or product.

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