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The size of the discount can be set in percentages or rubles, it can be applie both in personal communication with the client using the contacts receive, and by adding a promotional code at the step of setting up the results. When using a bonus as a reward, you will be able to provide a link to your promotional materials at the end of the form, for example: a checklist, an e-book, an exclusive price list or an invitation to an event. Also in VK Advertising lead forms you can: choose a design color; create open and close questions with one or more answers.

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Automatically generate an agreement on the processing of personal data. Lead form advertising is available on social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, as well as in VK Clips. Manage campaigns through the VK Advertising API March 6, 2023 Not only the platform’s web interface has become available to advertisers of VK Advertising, but also the ability to manage advertising through the API. This will automate the whatsapp mobile number list work with the advertising account and conveniently work with large amounts of data. The VK Advertising API provides a set of resources and methods that businesses can use to create their own programs and simplify the work with the advertising platform.

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This is useful if you are working with a large number of campaigns at the same time or want to integrate the transmission of advertising data into your analytics system. Access to the VK Advertising API is provide free of charge, it can be BAB Directory obtaine by both agencies and direct advertisers registere as a legal entity. To do this, you nee to send aExpanding promotion opportunities for e-commerce New catalogs appeare in the Commerce Center of VK Advertising – for air tickets and hotels, and the creation of product campaigns became more convenient with dynamic content February 27, 2023 Business representatives in the field.

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