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So give them more and enter on your profiles data such as address, phone number, e-mail, website link – that is, basic information that they can look for. It’s such a simple thing, yet often company Facebook profiles, which can be fille with a dozen or so data, contain only the website address. Meanwhile, if the hair salon does not provide a phone number, customers will not be able to book an appointment. A store that does not inform about opening hours and address may lose customers. If the restaurant’s fanpage doesn’t direct people to the menu, it’s also a waste. Of course, you can always count on the fact that the customer will visit your profile in social meia and if he does not find the information he is looking for.

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He will go to the website. However, don’t risk it. customers and complete profiles well with information relevant to your business. loosemoney1 2. No whatsapp mobile number list tagging of links share in social meia To best manage your work in social meia, you should have as much information as possible about your audience and how they react to the content you publish. You will get a large part of such data by tagging the links you post on social networks. This involves adding UTM parameters to the URL that allow you to collect information about.

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Who clicks on particular content and how BAB Directory your link. This will allow you to discover which sources and traffic to your website and which of them lead to conversions. Thanks to this, you will optimize your work in social meia. UTM parameters are not secret knowlege available only to marketing specialists. Adding them to your URL is easy, for example, with the URL builder in the Google Analytics Help Center.

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