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At the same time, I was very careful to speak well of my company. I was happy to talk about successes or interesting casas and trainings that we had the opportunity to prepare in the company. The Emoyee Advocacy program is not only about social mia! Why am I writing about this? It has now been accept that the Emoyee Advcacy program is sales support through social mia. However, nothing could be more wrong. Emoyee Advocacy activities have a much more honest range of activities. In the era of distrust of marketing, advertising and communication coming directly from companies, we are looking for something more.

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We care about authenticity. The point is that we perceive the positive testimony given by the emoyee as unforc, real and sincere. An emoyee who willingly talks about an interesting project he is working on or about the challenges of everyday work with a client becomes more crible for us as potential clients. a way to Latest Mailing Database communicate brand values, but in a sime and crible way. Not paid and not impos in advance. Through natural communication, it builds brand value on the market, but at the same time it increases the value of the personal brand of the person publishing the content.

Latest Mailing Database

What Does A Typical Purchase Path

Social mia for Emoyee Advocacy programs? Very often you can come across a mistaken belief that Emoyee Advocacy’s activities are only those in social mia. I emphasize this false association. Yes, social mia are one of the best channels (especially the ncreasingly popular LinkIn) for brand building and thus for imementing Emoyee Advocacy programs. It is a ace where all activities can be imement at no cost (or with a low entry level) and with a little BAB Directory commitment and willingness, you can quickly see the first results.

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