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It informs about the percentage of ad impressions with a given product in the first position on the left. Source: own, 05/01/2018. 10. New ad rotation optimization september2017 The previous four ad rotation options (“optimize for clicks”, “optimize for conversions”, “alternate” and “alternate all the time”) have been reduced to two options: optimize: choose the most effective ads – rotation allows you to display ads that are expected to be more effective than others in individual ad groups, do not optimize: always display ads alternately – rotation allows you to relatively evenly display ads with lower and higher effectiveness. Source: own, 05/01/2018. Despite Google’s recommendation to choose optimized rotation, which works best for most advertisers, it is worth choosing alternating display at the beginning.

It provides greater control over activities

Allows you to independently assess the effectiveness of individual advertising messages and gives you the opportunity to conduct A/B tests. 11. New demographic targeting options October2017 New, exclusive to the new AdWords dashboard, you Austria Phone Numbers List can target search ads and adjust CPC bids based on household income. , and most clicks are attributed to “unknown” income. Source: own, 05/01/2018. 12. Changes to Gmail Ads October2017 Google has announced that by the end of 2017 it will stop using the content of email messages of Gmail users to personalize ads.

Advertisements will still be displayed

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Only based on the activity and interests of the recipients. All campaigns created so far targeting the “mailoogle” domain should be edited. In terms of targeting keywords – without this, since the beginning of October, ads lose their value (less views, clicks and conversions). This change is not good for advertisers as targeting has become less Bab Directory precise. 13. Flexible daily budgets October2017 One of the novelties, which also did not necessarily. Have a positive impact on the conduct of activities, is the possibility of exceeding the average daily. Budget twice in order to achieve better implementation of advertising goals.

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