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SEO techniques are essential to make all this content visible and this requires implementing SEO strategies: optimizing the title with keywords, filling in a meta-description, having unique content, optimizing images, etc. Henri, in pro-Google, must therefore defend himself and prove to our kind speakers that making content is good but if we can’t see it, it’s useless . This position raises many questions from our host and the public: Are we doomd to produce content only for robots.

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Using several search engines to diversify the answers a solution? Answer Using Qwant or DuckDuckGo can be useful to find other sources Latest Mailing Database of content. Google, on the other hand, has a very smart algorithm that penalizes poor quality content and irrelevant sites. Does attention have a market value? Will we ever get paid for our attention? Answer: we are all present on the web to sell, so it would be a lie to say that attention has no market value.

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The new measurement of attention on time spent reading is a good initiative (launchd by Chartbeat) but it remains ambiguous. You can be on BAB Directory your screen and not be reading (pee break, coffee break, chat break) Do we work for attractiveness (poor content) or for relevance? Answer: The click and the attention are not incompatible, you have to create attractive content at the beginning, create a powerful hook that encourages the click, but the rest of the article must be relevant and of quality. The conference ends with the answer to the quiz.

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