Get Holiday Ready: Email Sending Best Practices

With the holiday season just around the corner and the prospect of sending. More emails to your subscribers than Get Holiday Ready usual. Not to mention the influx they’ll no doubt receive from other brands. We want to make sure you feel prepared and holiday ready.

We sat down with John Peters, Campaign Monitor’s Deliverability Manager and advocate of email sending best Malaysia Phone Number List practices, to ask him how you should prepare for the influx of emails this holiday season, and how you can maximize inbox placement and engagement at this busy time.

Read on to see how you can make an impact with your email program. This holiday season for all the right reasons.

Can you give us a crash course on what it is

Sure! Email deliverability can be complicated and may, at times, seem part science and part magic.

It is normal during the holiday season for global email traffic to increase and peak over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. During this time, marketers send more emails and with greater urgency and mailbox providers are strained to manage the surge in email volume.

 For those that might not be familiar with deliverability

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In such a peak time, mailbox providers must strike a balance between over-filtering incoming email and placing legitimate emails in the spam folder. Or the mailbox provider may not filter enough emails and let spam through to a person’s inbox.

Marketers want to reach their subscribers’ crowded inboxes (especially at this time of the year), and to do so successfully they need to know the constraints and affecting environment of the email ecosystem. Otherwise they may find that their well  and curated content is being  and not reaching their subscribers’ inbox.

To demystify deliverability, let’s look at the journey of an email from when someone clicks “send” to the email arriving in the individual recipient’s inbox. We can break this journey down into two main stages.

A with Deliverability Manager John Peters

Stage one is where our system Get Holiday Ready compiles the email and sends it to the mailbox provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or business BAB Directory  domains. The mailbox provider will either accept the email, or reject it and if the email is.



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