Campaign Monitor’s Year in Review

We navigated our way through new challenges and new marketing trends that continue to keep us on our toes. But with Campaign Monitor’s all this “new,” we still made sure we evolved our strategies to stand out and connect with our audience.

This year has brought a renewed focus on nurturing existing customer relationships, by establishing trust, creating lasting impressions and providing value, all in the pursuit of true connection. We believe that Lebanon Phone Number List connecting with our customers is how we measure success – so this trend, for us, is one that will go well into 2023 and beyond.

We’re proud to say our platform and our customers have conquered this new landscape to successfully connect and convert audiences like never before. But, before we close out on a fruitful 2022, let’s take a moment to look back and recognize the achievements and milestones we’ve accomplished.

Together, we made an impression

This year, Campaign Monitor customers used our platform to send more emails than ever before  to be exact, that were opened up in across the world. That’s some serious reach!

And, you designed that made sure you stood out in the inbox.

You harnessed the power of email,  and setting up  Think of all the additional engagement and conversion you drove!

Our new product releases made it easier for you to create impactful campaigns

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2022 featured some of our most exciting releases to date. We debuted that focused on giving you a smarter. Easter and of course simpler way to create impactful campaigns that take your marketing to the next level.

Our crew had your back every step of the way

When you needed support, you loved that we have a dedicated support team. With real technical expertise – and we know this. Because 90% of you were satisfied with how our team resolved your requests.

We keep you ahead of the curve with best practices

We love creating content to support you in product BAB Directory best practice and help you navigate. Campaign Monitor’s marketing industry shifts and trends. We look forward to bringing you even more content and connecting as a community through events in 2023, but for now let’s check out some highlights from 2022.

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