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Instead, Shot on iPhone encourages discussion about the event, which is closely tied to Apple’s reputation for creativity, lifestyle, and innovation. launches and gets excited about being part of the iPhone community. Plus, it makes iPhone users feel like they’re part of something cool, which is what everyone loves. 5 Starbucks UK: WhatsYourName Date: 2019 Outline: Starbucks UK partnered with Mermaids, an organization that supports transgender and gender-diverse youth, to launch a WhatsYourName campaign focused on transgender rights. The campaign builds on a well-known aspect of the Starbucks experience —

Writing your name on the side of your mug

Starbucks pledges to honor customers by the name they wish to be called. Among other things, Starbucks started selling mermaid tail cookies to raise money for Mermaids. Social media users are being encouraged to use hashtags online to speak out about their experiences with gender. Stats: The ad got over 605,000 views (on a channel Dominican Republic Mobile Number List with less than 1,000 subscribers). The post gathered over 1,000 comments, with an average comment rate of around 40 comments for a Starbucks UK profile. Why does it work? The team behind the campaign created a simple, clear campaign label. They lead with their values, which helps the movement have real, emotional impact. Many brands avoid politicizing topics, but ultimately, your employees and customers want you to take a stand.

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Show leadership on diversity and community issues. 6 Spotify: YearWrapped When: 2019 Campaign Outline: Three years ago, Spotify launched a campaign to let users see the most important music highlights on its website. A special web page, Spotify Wrapped, shows you your most listened to artists, genres, songs and other interesting data Bab Directory discoveries. You can even see how the music you listen to matches the events of your life during the year. Once you’ve done all the data analysis, Spotify recommends you share these highlights on social media, especially Instagram and Insta Stories, and tag your favorite artist of the year. The numbers: The campaign is said to have. Been mentioned in at least 1.2 million posts in the month it was launched.

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