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Lyn urges founders to embrace the fact that the internet is big and offers more opportunities to connect with people. “If you are yourself, you give people who are looking for you a chance to find you,” Lyn said. “You cultivate a community that’s really for you and what you’re talking about. If you build a facade, it’s hard to sustain it, and you create a community that’s interested in a version of you that doesn’t exist.” Lyn found making someone appear Being in front of the camera, whether it’s yourself or a brand ambassador, also helps people create a stronger connection with the business. 2 Get product inspiration from your audience Lyn didn’t start out with a product. She starts with the audience.

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The videos that she thought about starting an online store. “My audience gave me the idea to do this,” she said. Lyn found her favorite hair extension supplier, built her own website, and shared it on . Her store sold out in just five days. 3 You don’t need a lot of money to start an online business As Lyn said, she is risk-averse when it comes to Oman Mobile Number List investing because she knows what it’s like to be poor. In fact, she started her first business with just $100 through the dropshipping model. She reinvests the money she earns into her next business. In fact, she didn’t quit her job and pursue entrepreneurship full-time until her 9-5 job made more money than an accountant.

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A business loan and invest thousands of dollars to start something,” says Lynn. “It doesn’t have to be.” She encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of the free resources available online, such as videos and other online communities, to learn how to start a business and use credit strategically. 4 Don’t Ask for a Seat at the Table – Build Your Own Bab Directory Table Lyn shows her audience that it’s possible to build a business with small investments, which is especially important for her and people like her – women of color . Starting a business is a way for marginalized. People to gain acceptance in spaces where they might not have felt comfortable before. “I think it’s really important for you to figure out how to create your own table,” Lyn said.

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