Land in Your Subscriber’s Inbox

This is especially true if you haven’t been in regular email contact with your subscribers in the last 12 months. People who Land in Your shopped, dined, interacted with you 1-5 years ago are unlikely to remember who you are. How you collected their email address, and will wonder why they’re suddenly receiving your emails.

Sending emails to an unengaged list with many inactive addresses will cause. Engagement and delivery issues like low Latvia Phone Number List open rates. High bounce and unsubscribe rates, and potentially high spam complaint rates. These metrics are  by mailbox providers. To determine your sender reputation and how to treat your emails.

A good sender reputation means your emails will be delivered to the inbox and a poor. Sender reputation will result in your emails being or filtered as spam.

Audit and segment your database by subscriber activity

Before you send your next campaign we highly recommend auditing your database and segmenting your list based on user activity and engagement. This helps you to determine:

If you’ve been in regular contact with your list over the last 12 months you can continue sending emails as usual to your engaged subscribers, and you may consider sending a re-engagement email to your inactive or unengaged users. However, if you haven’t regularly emailed your list—sending at least 1 or 2 emails every 6 months—then you will need to carefully ramp-up sending emails to your full list.

Any subscriber who has shown no activity or engagement in over 12 months should be  from your list, as sending to these “ghost” contacts will only harm your sender reputation.

Ramping-up emails to your full list

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Your sender reputation is tied to your sending domain — which is everything after the in your From email address. Depending on when you last emailed your full list and the size of your list, you may need to slowly train mailbox providers that your emails are legitimate and your subscribers want to receive them.

As your trusted email service provider, the deliverability of your emails and protecting your (and our) sender reputation is Land in BAB Directory Your top priority for us! We’ve listed some key factors to consider before sending your next email.

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