Keys to Content Marketing Mastery in 2023

You might get depressed and re-consider applying for that barista job at Starbucks. Or you might decide to sit down and start plunking away at those hours to meet your goals. But there are some serious problems with both of those approaches. The problem with giving up (besides the biggest problem — that it’s no fun). Is that it assumes there’s nothing to be gained between hour 1 and hour 10,000. That you’re nothing until you’ve mastered greatness, and the road is too hard and long, so what’s the point? The problem with settling in to grind the hours out is that it matters. A lot — what kind of practice you put in for 10,000 hours. For example, 10,000 hours of playing.

Takes Significant Mental Effort

The scales is easy (if really, really boring), but it won’t get you to Carnegie Hall. And 10 hours of the right kind of practice will bring you something meaningful and interesting. It builds the foundation for something you can start using to achieve content marketing mastery today, not 10 years from now. Deliberate Practice has some very specific characteristics. Colvin identified eight of those, and Newport boiled them B2B Email List down to six. I took that down to five, with some thoughts about how content marketers can apply them to the work we do. You’ll recognize this if you’ve ever read anything about the state called Flow. Your practice needs to be hard enough to get you out of your comfort zone. But not so hard that it’s totally out of your grasp.

How Much Deliberate Practice

If you keep doing what you already know how to do, you don’t get significantly better. In the world of marketing, this means you aren’t writing drafts of emails that never get sent. Instead, you dedicate time to improving your email marketing strategy each week. Are customers buying or not? It doesn’t matter where you start. Plenty of great BAB Directory marketers started with absolutely horrendous results. What matters for content marketing mastery is that you test, tweak, and keep reworking to become better. I think it’s awesome that you want to be a greater copywriter than. Gary but you also need to set some writing goals between here and there. Set goals based on your current numbers.

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