Open a restaurant to be popular

The first factor in choosing a location to open a restaurant. It should be easily accessible. Can be next to the road or not. But there must be a convenient, uncomplicated entrance with a clearly visible sign indicating the entrance to the store. Importantly, it is easy to see. There is a wide enough parking space to accommodate customers who use the service.It affects the decision to open a restaurant in that area. For example, if you open a Japanese restaurant, it should be in a location in the city. There are many residential areas. mall There is a good opportunity to attract customers. Or if you want to open a seafood restaurant A suitable location would be near the seaside, along the river, where the atmosphere would be good. Attract customers to use the service better. 

Rent for opening a shop

Before opening a restaurant, you need to consider how many months, how many years you will rent, and how big is the space for breakfast? What common fees or service fees are there? Including how many months of contract security money Phone Number must be put aside? Including the period of decorating the shop, is there a waiver of rent or not? You should discuss and agree with the owner of the area first. Before opening a restaurant, you should inquire about the rent first. Is it suitable for a restaurant to open? If selling cheap food Expensive rent There may be problems later. Restaurant rents are typically 12-15% of sales.

Competing stores

Location with competitors or the same type of store It is not recommended to open a store. Because of the risk of falling sales, loss, and no customers entering the store. Even though many people think that the location has competitors. It helps attract a My Blog lot of customers into the area. But competing stores may steal your customers. Instead of getting all those customers. It becomes a matter of sharing income. But if you are confident in your own cooking skills You can try opening a store.

Finally, choosing a location to open a restaurant. If you don’t have your own space and have to rent it to someone else Don’t forget to calculate the costs. with daily sales or each month How much profit is left? Many shops go bankrupt because of high rents.

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