Plastic companies in Spain in check due to the tax on plastic packaging

It is  that  content certification will be mandatory Guillermina Garcia Guillermina Garcia tax on plastic packaging Share According to a survey . EsPlásticas  Anaip, the adaptation to the tax on plastic packaging is generating an expense of more than 50 thousand euros. of companies of these . Companies claim that both their turnover and orders have  due to the implementation of this tax. Between 25 and  of these companies notice that there are fewer sales of single-use plastic packaging. And, in particular, they indicate that they have problems having plastic .

What is the Tax on plastic packaging

Which is an essential requirement to not pay the tax, which adds difficulty. The survey indicates among its main findings that almost of companies have problems . Detecting and analyzing what types of packaging are his tax . A large number of companies  know if their packaging can be reusable and how to justify that reuse. The Spanish Tax Agency defines the tax on non-reusable plastic containers as: A tax that falls on the use in Spanish territory of non-reusable containers that contain plastic. Whether they are empty or whether they are Telegram Database  containing, protecting, manipulating, distributing and presenting merchandise. In addition, also includes semi plastic products, made to obtain the  containers.

Telegram Database

Companies’ requests to the Treasury

Products containing plastic  to allow their closure, marketing or presentation. In this sense, EsPlásticas indicates that the entry into force of this tax represents a great problem for the plastics industry due to the complexity of its application. Which has been  in the influx of measures that are an odyssey for companies. And the little margin that has been available increases the difficulties. Tax on non-reusable plastic containers. Infographic: EsPlasticos Some of the requests that companies make to the Tax Agency is that, if this obligation is  there must be a transfer to the packagers to improve control and traceability . And in this BAD Directory  way avoid fraud. Other requests are for the correct transmission of the tax, or for it to be finalist, in addition to training companies. This is taking into account that 98% of the plastics sector are SMEs and microSMEs, which requires few resources.

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