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It is worth using it to, for example, inform new users about the current offer, give an additional discount to users abandoning the cart (example in the graphic above), offer a product to users of a specific gender or emphasize the advantages of orders placed by phone. 3. Close Match Variations March2017 The range of exact match words has been expanded to include their close variants in order to speed up the work of advertisers (creating an exact list of all possible word configurations could be time consuming) and to better reach interested users. : rephrasing and omitting function words (e. the word “w” in the query “chocolate shops in krakow” may be omitted), word order changes (e. “chocolate sets shop” and “chocolate sets shop”). 4. Smart Display Campaigns April2017 Smart campaigns are a solution that allows you to reach users on the Display Network even better.

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Recipients at all stages of the purchase path and getting as many conversions as possible at a specific cost. Smart Display Campaigns are based on full automation thanks to: automatic bidding based on target CPA, automatic targeting optimized UK Mobile Number List for best results, automatic creation of advertisements generated on the basis of previously prepared elements (headlines, advertising texts, logos and images). Source: own, 05/01/2018 To create a campaign, your AdWords account must have had at least 50 Display Conversions or 100 Search Conversions in the last 30 days.

Smart campaigns are a good complement

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Activities with “manual” configuration and, depending on the industry, can give very satisfying results. 5. Improved Quality Score reporting maj2017 In May, the display of the Quality Score for individual keywords was changed. Previously, there was Bab Directory only one Quality Score column, and you could only check the rating of individual. Components by hovering over the icon in the “Status” column.  Landing Page Quality” and “Estimated CTR”, making data analysis and sharing easier. Source: own, 05/01/2018 . How. (hist.)”, “Ad relevance (hist.)”, “Landing page quality (hist.)” and “Estimated CTR hist.

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