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Verified accounts show up higher in searches. Finally, if your account is verified and users are searching for content in your category on , you may appear higher in search results: Verification Having a verified account means you’re more likely to get direct access to search results (in app) to attract new followers and increase brand awareness. With all these great benefits, you might think that getting verified would be very difficult. but? let’s see. Having a hard time getting verified on ? The good news is that applying to be verified on is very easy (as you’ll see in the tutorial below). can be difficult. How to verify accounts is no secret. Its guidelines set out the eligibility requirements your account must meet: True. Because you must be a real person, public figure or registered business entity. You will need official business documents and ID to prove this. Unique.

You cannot have multiple accounts

The same person or business (unless they are language-specific accounts). Nor will it verify general interest (like memes) or fan accounts. fully. At a minimum, your profile needs to be public, have a bio and profile photo, and be active at the time of application. “Active” is not defined, but you can understand it as regularly posting, sharing  or commenting on content. worth taking note of. This is the most difficult bit. Notable means that your Panama Mobile Number List account name represents a “well-known, highly searched” individual or brand. Comments on accounts that appear in multiple news sources, but are not paid or promotional content. These are the ground rules to follow the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. As an added bonus, these criteria also mean that you don’t have to have a certain number of followers to get verified.

You can request verification as soon

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You sign up and complete your profile. How to Get a Verified Badge on 1 START YOUR REQUEST Open the app and go to your profile. Once on your profile page, click the hamburger icon (three lines) in the upper right corner and select Settings. At the bottom of the settings page, you’ll see the option to request verification. Click it and you’re ready for step 2. How to get verified on 2 in three steps Add your business details From there, you’ll need to Bab Directory fill in details about your business, for example: Photo courtesy of: Unsplash Your full name (or business name), you’ll need to use a photo with backup of your ID (such as a driver’s license) or business documents (such as business registration documents or utility bills (for brick-and-mortar stores)). Visibility, confirmed by selecting your industry category and target audience.

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