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What she values ​​most in her job is broadening knowledge and diversity. Every day, working for clients from virtually every industry, he obtains information on products and services that are difficult to access or addressed to a narrow group of recipients. In her free time, Martyna is interested in technical and automotive innovations. In contrast, he also devotes his time to painting and photography in a more classical dimension. Where does creativity come from? What excites her? How can you be inspired every day? I will show you over 12 tools that I use to keep my creativity at a high level. Let’s get the basics straight first.

Where does creativity come from

When we imagine inspiration, we see a frame where the artist paints 4 pictures in a row in a madness, he does not eat, he does not drink, and everything that comes out of his hand is brilliant. At the end, the painter collapses in exhaustion on a chaise longue and the curtain falls. We see the poet at his desk, with disheveled hair, a glass of wine and Belarus Mobile Number List a candle, who dips a pen in an inkwell, writes a whole ream of paper, goes to the highest mountain in the area and watches the storm from a distance as a metaphor for change and an announcement of calm. The curtain falls. These are typical pictures showing creative elation, but as it happens with such symbolic shots, they have little to do with reality.

What inspires you to be creative

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If you work in a position that requires creativity from you, you know that ideas do not come out of nowhere. You need different stimuli to come up with something interesting and unusual. Today I will show you my favorite tools that give me the biggest dose of inspiration every day. What stimulates creativity? 1. Notebook – paper, Evernote, Google Keep Paper notebook – always at hand Contrary to appearances, the most reliable tool that Bab Directory triggers creativity is a regular notebook and pen. As my colleague used to say: “the simplest solutions are the simplest” (sic). Carrying a notebook and something to write with allows you not to forget ideas. That usually come at the least expected moment: in the car, on a walk, in the kitchen, in the shower.

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