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From October 2017, Chrome goes a step further – it will warn about a threatening connection when the user starts filling out any form (e. a search engine or subscribing to a newsletter). Some sites even got notifications in Google Search Console: Is a painless transition to an encrypted connection possible? For the above reasons, more and more website owners are choosing to switch to the secure protocol. Is it then possible to painlessly switch to an encrypted connection (i. one that will not result in the loss of traffic from organic results)? I believe so, although certainly not in every situation. However, it seems that Google itself is much better at dealing with such migrations than it was some time ago.

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A question that it is rather impossible to avoid temporary drops – which Google itself warns about : 5 steps to minimize the risk of traffic drop There are a few things to take care of when transitioning to to increase the likelihood of a “painless” migration. Make sure that old addresses are redirected correctly Make sure that any old () address points Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List directly to the new () address. Of course, the redirect to use is 301. Think about internal linking External linking is something that is often “missed” by website owners. can be specified with an absolute path and after entering the page in the version, they will still point to the version – these links must of course be corrected.

All page navigation and all internal links

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Should respect the encrypted protocol. It is also worth verifying the canonical links in the page section – they must also have at the beginning. Include references to internal and external resources In addition to internal links, all references to image files, style sheet resources or js scripts must also take into account the new protocol. Lack of such a fix results in “Mixed content” errors in the browser and the lack of green color of the protocol in the Bab Directory address bar (in the case of Chrome). Compare: versus Hint: Screaming Frog, for example, will help you find internal links and other resources with the old protocol: Verify the version in. Google Search Console The new version of the website. With the secure protocol should be verified in the Google Search Console panel. On the same account where we already have a verified website with the protocol.

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