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The data: higher than regular social media posts from watch companies. Why does it work? By gamifying visual content on social media, Daniel Wellington gives fans a reason to engage with his posts, whether by liking, commenting, or sharing. Forms of Guess is an easy and effective way to encourage engagement on platforms like , and brand campaign hashtags make it easy to track success. 9 BuzzFeed: Tasty Screenshots, December 2022 When: 2016 Event Outline: You’ve probably seen these quick and easy recipe videos popping up in your newsfeed. BuzzFeed’s Tasty Videos are essentially cooking shows for the social media generation.

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Two minutes and feature popular recipes to a highly engaged audience. The numbers: Nearly 15 months after launch, Tasty has released 2,000 recipe videos, providing the brand with a steady stream of new content. Video reaches approximately 500 million users per month. 100 million followers. In September 2016, Tasty’s video views Egypt Mobile Number List exceeded 1.8 billion. BuzzFeed now has a team of 75 dedicated to producing content for Tasty. Why does it work? For starters, there is content. “It hits on a simple fact: People love good food, food that reminds them of their childhood, comfort food or reminds them of something,” said BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer, Frank Cooper. Experienced food.” But more importantly, Tasty and Proper Tasty are popular on Twitter because the content is tailor-made for the platform.

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The ‘s autoplay feature, which starts the video without sound. For example, you don’t need your voice to see 45-second instructions for making cheese-stuffed pizza pretzels. In 24 hours, the video had 37 million views, 650,000 likes and 750,000 shares. (Now with 11.7 billion views.) Tweet 10 Houseparty: Fortnite Quiz Challenge When: 2020 Event Bab Directory Outline: Epic Games is bringing two of its most popular offerings in online gaming — Fortnite and the now-defunct The social networking app Houseparty came together to create a quiz challenge. Members of the Fortnite community collectively answered more than 20 million trivia questions about the game, unlocking a special in-game skin for all players. From April 10-16, it received thousands of engagements on .

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