How to Access Advanced Analytics in Business Suite

Business Suite will automatically flag messages from users who book an appointment with your action button. Click on the Label chip to see the available options and select one to view. Does your team use Business Suite’s inbox distribution feature? Open the filter dropdown and select Assigned to quickly view your messages or comments. You can also use the filter dropdown to find closed conversations and view spam. Want to effectively clean up your inbox? Click the Admin block at the top of your inbox to explore bulk review options. You can select multiple messages and archive them, mark them as read, assign them to team members, and more. Analytics in Business Suite has always been relatively basic.

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Now even more powerful with the addition of Creator Studio metrics. Let’s take a look at the Insights tab. How to View Profiles and Page Benchmarking 08 If you’ve used the Pages to Watch tool that Page Insights used to offer, Business Suite’s Account Benchmarking tab will look familiar. The platform’s benchmarking tool allows you to compare Latvia Mobile Number List your page with similar businesses, so you can see how your page is performing in terms of likes and content posted. There are a few differences between this tool and the previous Pages to Watch tool. Business Suite doesn’t compare page engagement, which makes the new benchmark tool less useful. It does, however, let you compare up to 100 businesses.

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Competitive market. In addition to benchmarking your page, Business Suite also lets you compare your account with similar businesses. You can compare your account with up to 100 businesses. 09 How to track the performance of and video content // Business Suite has long provided analytics for video posts. The platform now also supports Reels analytics on the content tab. From here, you can track reach, engagement, and basic advertising Bab Directory metrics. You can use the drop-down menus in the upper right corner to choose which content types and channels to follow. On the Video Performance tab in Business Suite, you can monitor the number of minutes of video watched by your audience and see the breakdown between followers and non-followers.

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