This is a good time to wrap up all the new aspects

Why a new tool? Nobody likes change, so the announcement of Google Analytics 4 caused a lot of confusion in the industry. Many people are probably asking themselves “why”. However, each of us who has worked on Universal Analytics reports is able to name at least a few of its disadvantages. The biggest one is the lack of accurate measurement of cross-device and multi-channel flow. we had to adapt them to one of the types of activities: website tracking activities, event tracking activities, e-commerce tracking activities, social interaction activities.

The problem arises when the user returns

The same page from several devices, but also if he went from the page to the application. Such phenomena make it difficult to draw clear conclusions directly from the data – it also makes it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities and, above all, to make the right business decisions. The solution will be Google Analytics 4, whose Central African Republic Email List assumption is to combine both worlds: web and app. Events > Sessions The main difference compared to Google Universal is the change in the basis for measuring data from sessions to events. The reason was to unify web and application analytics. Previously, we needed two tools: Google Universal and Google Firebase to be able to measure data from. The website and application. Now we have it all in one place.

However the sessions did not function

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The reality of the application, which made it difficult to stick with this way of measuring data. Therefore, events that already functioned in the web reality were used. However, these are not the same events that we know from Universal Bab Directory Analytics. Where they were sent as “hits”. In Google Analytics 4, events are used to send data to reports. So this includes activity tracking, user details, and all the information you want to track within your own site. In addition, in UA there were only predefined types of actions that could be sent. So if we wanted to measure non-standard metrics.

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