This may even end in a crisis and above all bitterness

Despite the fact that the customer’s problem was not resolved as a result, he was still very happy with how the company dealt with it, source: huffingtonpost/2013/10/31/netflix-customer-service_n_4178662 tml The Ritz-Carlton hotel responded with detachment and humor to its client’s request. The hotel staff took some funny pictures of the mascot they found and made a point that while she was away from the child’s room, she was on vacation at their hotel; source: huffingtonpost/chris-hurn/stuffed-giraffe-shows-wha_b_1524038tml 4. BE AUTHENTIC The first date is a meeting where you get to know each other better, find common topics for conversation and common passions. It’s hard to do it by pretending to be someone you’re not, because a lie will come out sooner or later anyway. It’s the same with customers – they will immediately sense a false note in your answer or comment.

How to avoid it Above all listen

Your customers and give them credible and truthful answers. Don’t text back “We’re already taking care of your case” if that’s not really the case. on the other side. My favorite brand, which thanks to its authenticity and great products has gained the love of many customers is the Ministry of Good Soap. The owners of the company primarily focus on honesty with their clients, write about their mistakes, weaknesses and doubts, also responding Armenia Mobile Number List to not very favorable. Comments from clients: Thanks to their actions. The girls have gained an extraordinary community of customers who buy their products not only because of their great quality. But also because of their unusual and very. Individual approach and visible passion. Summary If you want your clients to be satisfied with the date you take them on thanks to social media care. Change your approach to them and go beyond the patterns.

React quickly 42% of users expect

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A response within a maximum of an hour)(4), efficiently and. Above all always, also on weekends (57% of users believe that the time for responding to comments and. Opinions should be the same as on working days)(5) . The option to install Messenger on your website. Which has recently appeared, can be helpful in this. Do not be afraid to use Bab Directory new technologies and solutions. But also do not forget that the most important thing is whether you draw conclusions from. The comments that users leave on your profiles and fanpages. Thanks to this, you will not make the same mistakes. Again and you will not be exposed to more negative opinions. Maybe the first date won’t be as perfect as you planned, but you’ll be perfectly prepared for the next one.

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