A dedicated mixer is also purchased for it

If we decide to stream with a professional team, the whole thing can be done through a special vMix program that is installed on the computer. . This software gives you the ability to combine video and audio content into one signal that is streamed. Before we click the start button, it is worth checking in the frame whether the performers are in the right places and whether the sound has the right quality – vMIX gives us such an opportunity. Not without significance here are also the image sharpness settings and the appropriate positioning of. The cameras so that their range covers the entire frame.

The program also gives us the ability

Overlay animated frames at different transmission times. As for the hardware itself, I personally recommend a Saramonic wireless microphone, two digital cameras (with video cards like Blackmagic or AJA, for capturing live from the camera or external video source. In a supported HD resolution, depending on card and hardware limitations Colombia Business Email List computer) – this will allow you to show two perspectives during the transmission. In addition, lamps are needed, and of course a camera tripod. Screenshot from vMix – source: vMix Screenshot from vMix – source: vMix If we decide to stream from the application level using the phone, rings in which you can place the phone directly have become. Very fashionable recently, the lamp also has a built-in tripod.

This is a very nice solution

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Lighting equipment on a low budget. Free live streaming software An alternative to vMix is ​​obs studio. A cross-platform program that is used for both recording and streaming. It is open source software released for Windows. MacOS and Bab Directory Linux operating systems. It is very often used by people from the gaming industry to broadcast their games on the Internet. What features does obs studio have? To increase performance during game video transmission. OBS Studio supports modern solutions based on the computing power of GPUs.

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