We can see the preview in studio mode

The program can be used not only to stream games, but also camera images, individual photos or slideshows. OBS Studio has options to display text on the broadcast image and remove colors from the broadcast image. It also supports the plug-in mechanism, which allows you to easily expand the tool’s capabilities with new functions. It is very useful in creating instructional videos or various types of demonstrations. Configuration of obsstudio How to setup OBS studio? At the very beginning, after installation, an option to run automatic configuration pops up, which we strongly recommend.

Thanks to it most of the parameters

Will be set automatically, all you need to do here is pay attention to the resolution and manually select 1920×1080. Resolution settings – obs studio Then, in the wizard, a window appears in the application in which we select the source to which we want to transmit: service selection – obs studio Then, via the “Download key” button, we move to Facebook Ecuador Business Email List and download the streaming key from the live producter that is connected to the page we manage. Streaming key download – obs studio Transmission management panel: After configuring the key, we go to the appropriate transmission management panel in the program, we can set the following elements: Broadcast settings – obs studio Image source – here you should select, from the options, what you want to be streamed, usually a microphone and a camera. But of course you can also opt for the screen sharing option.

If we want to create a slideshow

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Just select a slide in the “scene transition effects” tab, which will cause the uploaded pictures or images from cameras to move, just like in the presentation.. the last element – the “Start stream” button, select it when you are ready to start the online broadcast on the target website (e.g. on Facebook or YouTube). vMix vs. OBS Studio When it comes to which of these programs to choose, I do not have a clear answer. It all depends on your needs and Bab Directory budget. OBS is a free option for less demanding users. If you care about the effects, it is definitely worth betting on vMix, which thanks to its more extensive functions will make the recipients pay attention to the broadcast that you will share on your social media channels. Summary Video streaming is one of the best ways to increase your online reach.

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