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It may be an algorithm at work, but you can also use it to your advantage. Because she uses the app every day, Rachel is able to notice when Reels become popular and release more of them. Or, once she notices that posts with shoppable items tags perform better, she tends to do so. She was able to build her audience by consistently posting, but completely changing what she posted. “I think by making mistakes along the way, you’ll figure out what works best for your company,” she said. Conclusion Consistency is king when it comes to how often you post on , and it doesn’t just apply to your posting cadence. Creating and maintaining a release cadence will create habits for you or your team, let your audience know when to expect news releases, and keep you in line with trends and your own metrics. Plus, the more content you post, the more room you have for experimentation.

The key to growing on is to consistently

Deliver high-quality content that people love to interact with.I do think one of the most important things is to experiment, to try new things and try to find out what resonates with the audience now. Because it might not be the same as it Namibia Mobile Number List was half a year or a year ago,” Adam said in said in the Q&A. Experimenting with new formats such as video, as well as using hashtags, thoughtful subtitles, and geotagged locations can all help elevate your content.

Keep an eye on your metrics and monitor

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