The consumption habits of foreign consumers

Holiday packaging increase the repurchase rate? 109 Reads 0 Comments 3 Likes Different from the deserted atmosphere of domestic Double Eleven, this year’s shopping enthusiasm of foreign consumers facing Black Friday seems to have returned to before the epidemic. According to data from Adobe Analytics, consumers spent a record $91.2 billion on online shopping on Black Friday this year, an increase of 23% from a year ago, and even more than the Black Friday in 2020 when the epidemic just broke out. Sales peaked at $90.3 billion. 01 Black Friday Hot Sale—New Opportunities for Chinese Merchants The performance of this Black Friday has undoubtedly injected a shot in the arm for domestic cross-border merchants, while the increase in online consumption is closely related to the changes in the consumption habits of foreign consumers. , have changed imperceptibly, from offline shopping as a mainstay and online as a supplementary, to online as a mainstay and offline as a supplementary.

Which is undoubtedly an important factor for e-commerce

The increase in sales has created excellent conditions.  Coupled with high inflation, many people will become more cautious in consumption and shop around. At the same time, more and more consumers began to downgrade their consumption—choosing Nepal Mobile Number List e-commerce platforms with lower discounts and more flexible transactions. And Chinese merchants who are good at fighting price wars are looking at the right time to take their own share from this big e-commerce cake. Pinduoduo’s overseas platform Temu also joined the melee for the first time this year.

Surprisingly low product discounts

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The prices of a large number of commodities are very low. Christmas decorations are less than a dollar, and the prices of many. Clothes and shoes have also dropped to single digits.  Discount information on Temu’s official website In addition to the Bab Directory low-price strategy. Cross-border merchants also make full use of social media platforms to. Warm up and create momentum, adding fire to the shopping atmosphere. Although Black Friday has passed, many merchants are already gearing up for Double Twelve and the Christmas season.

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