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Even if you’re not verified, real followers will help drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and create a presence in your space. Complete your profile All verified accounts have one thing in common: a complete profile. Each of them has a clean and punchy bio, a strong profile photo, an external link (to their website or Linktree, linking to multiple sites) and well-crafted story highlights. Full profile for example Of course, each account’s profile has the same structure. But each profile—the little summary below your username—is unique. People will look at your bio when deciding whether to follow you on , so you have to make it work. A verified account bios can do many things: Highlight basic information about your business (brand name, category, company overview.

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Show brand personality Build a unique selling proposition Encourage responses with a call to action A strong image can Represent your brand to make a great first impression and convince people to follow you. Follow the Community Guidelines  As Peru Mobile Number List long as your branding is consistent and only publish your own content – content that is safe for the public to view – you most likely already follow the Community Guidelines and check the box to be verified. Help us grow this community. Post only your own photos and videos and always obey the law.

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Don’t spam or post nude photos. Whether you’re a global brand or an ordinary person, accounts that don’t follow these basic guidelines can (and do) be punished. Or even a reporter, who can help you get your name out there. Some agencies also have access to the media partner. Support tool where they can submit a request and verify their account Bab Directory through the portal. In order to get publicity, you need to do something that is considered newsworthy. What is considered newsworthy depends on your niche, but here are some ideas to get you started. Get involved or create a local event (for charity or otherwise.

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