Growth hacking is a relatively young marketing technique

What is it characterized by, what tools does it use and is it worth investing in it? What is growth hacking? Definition and highlights The most important goal of marketing is to build brand awareness, strengthen its market position and introduce a sales strategy that will contribute to growth, most often by promoting a new offer – such as a product or service. an unconventional approach to marketing activities. As a technique, it requires the growth hacker to be able to go beyond the scheme of classic campaigns and focus on innovative marketing solutions that guarantee reaching new customers and the expected increase in sales results. How does growth hacking relate to traditional digital marketing? Growth hacking is not an alternative to traditional techniques, but rather an innovative direction in which marketing is moving.

Therefore it focuses on better use

The potential offered by social media , marketing automation, viral marketing and precisely targeted PPC ads in the Google search engine. It is extremely important to precisely define the target group and skillfully select all activities for it – only Cyprus Business Email List then will we be sure that acquiring new customers will be effective. Another advantage of this method is that it focuses on reducing the cost of acquiring a lead. This allows you to generate the expected increases even with a small budget. The beginnings of the growth hacking method as activities leading to an increase in sales In 2010, Sean.

Ellis was the first to present

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The world the definition of “growth hacking”, addressed primarily to companies and start-ups for which achieving growth at the early stages of introducing a new service or product to the market in a short period of time is crucial. He said that: “Given the meaning of the word ‘hack’, (…) growth hacking can be defined as a shorthand for traditional (in other words – slow) marketing techniques.” It quickly became clear that growth hacking as a marketing Bab Directory method is. S compass that always points in the direction of growth. According to Ellis, all activities should be carefully analyzed in terms of possible impact on scalable business growth. And although over time the method itself has been improved and adapted to the changing needs of consumers. Growth hacking constantly combines marketing, sales and programming skills.

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