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It consists in the complete abandonment of elements that burden the Internet connection on mobile devices or replacing them with alternatives. Example? Loading graphics in place of video on smartphones. Of course, as long as it makes sense Duplicate content issues One of the following subchapters is devoted to the uniqueness of the content. Here I will focus on technical issues. and entire pages. The most common problem is: The canonical (major) version of the URLs is not selected or is done incorrectly . You may not realize it, but each page on your site can have multiple copies.

How is this possible? Let’s take

A closer look at this page: s://example/test-page/ Its potential copies are: s://example/test-page (no slash at the end of the url) ://example/test-page/ ( instead of s) s://example/test-page/ (no prefix) all possible combinations of the above problems Samoa Email List The solution to the problem is to choose one version of the urls as the main site-wide. In addition, you should prepare a single 301 redirect that will redirect the user from any of the non-canonical url versions to the main one. Such optimization is one of the key positioning activities.

Other potential causes

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A duplication issue on your website: filter pages available for robots (category filters, search engines, sorting filters and others) automatically created pages that are almost identical copies of each other (e. a landing page for different. Locations that differs only in its name) the same products available at different url addresses (e. variants Correct Bab Directory url addresses. Positioning rules The URL address should clearly indicate the content of. The subpage and meet a number of guidelines to be accessible to Google robots. Here are the SEO rules for URLs: do not use underscores instead of. Hyphens as separators do not contain capital letters, they do not contain. Diacritical marks do not contain characters that are not numbers or letters, e.

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