Certified Google partner what criteria must be met

It is worth using the help of PromoTraffic specialists who have successfully carried out many campaigns. With our knowledge and experience, you will transform unknown Internet users into valuable leads and then satisfied customers. Fill out the brief now! Sources: Google Partners is a program created by Google for advertising agencies and PPC specialists. Currently, Google allows agencies to obtain two levels of certification: Google Partner and Google Partner Premium (Google Partner Premier). Agencies that are at the forefront of spending and that have met additional certification and performance requirements become Premium Partners.

Agencies participating in the program

Must first meet a number of requirements set by Google, which you can read about later in the article. ? The basic criterion is obtaining Google Ads certificates by employees , which are offered to people who are fluent in the world of Google Ads. To become a certified specialist, you must pass two free tests (basic and advanced) available on the Namibia Email List Google Academy for Ads platform (Google Ads certification tests are: Google Ads Fundamentals – testing basic and intermediate skills, as well as proven methods of optimizing and managing Google Ads campaigns. that you will later distribute. These include e-books, articles, newsletters and posts on social networks.

Search Advertising – testing basic

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Avanced skills in creating, measuring and optimizing search advertising campaigns. Advertising in the Display Network – testing basic and advanced skills in creating, measuring and optimizing advertising campaigns in the Display Network. Mobile advertising – testing basic and advanced skills in creating, measuring and optimizing mobile Bab Directory advertising – in October 2019, this specialization will be withdrawn. Video advertising – testing basic and advanced skills in creating. Measuring and optimizing video campaigns. What actions should you perform regardless of the size of the campaign?  Conduct an in-depth analysis of key phrases in order to determine the optimal words – keys. Thanks to which you will obtain valuable leads.

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