There are many technical reasons for duplicate content

This applies in particular to mobile users and those with other types of slow internet connection. Unfortunately, the number of factors affecting the speed of the website is huge. Some of them can be improved relatively easily (compression and minification of files, optimization of images), while others will require a strong involvement of the IT team or may even turn out to be almost impossible to implement (e. splitting the Javascript or CSS code into smaller fragments). Site speeds are best given an in-depth, separate analysis.

Fortunately a large number of problems

Can be detected with free tools such as: Google Page Speed ​​Insights Core Web Metrics report in Google Search Console built into Chrome DevTools and Lighthouse browser WebPageTest Identify all potential SEO activities that can improve site speed. Google Page Speed ​​Insights or Lighthouse present their recommendations. Then consult them Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email List with the IT department: is the optimization feasible and to what extent? How time- and cost-intensive will it be? Finally, set a timeline for priority deployments. Priority projects, i. those whose ratio of estimated effects to costs is favourable.

Responsiveness Simply adapting

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Your website to different devices. This means that the website (website) is to work equally well both on stationary devices and on tablets or smartphones. Key factors to verify on websites: does the layout and design of the website look good on all devices with the most popular screen sizes? (e. no need to scroll horizontally or zoom in) Do all website Bab Directory functionalities work well on all devices? (forms, menus, search engine, etc.) Is the content relatively the same across devices? Have the UX issues been properly taken care of, such as the appropriate readability of the text? You should also consider adaptive serving of content.

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