Hits in GA4 have been replaced with events

Which means we are no longer limited to these predefined options. This brings us to the next topic, more on which later in the article. Attribution reports and models With no limitations in terms of data measurement, Google Analytics 4 offers impressive reporting capabilities. There are very few basic reports, and Google gives you the opportunity to adjust the analytics to your own business. It is up to the analyst to decide, firstly, what he wants to measure, and secondly, in what form he wants to analyze it. Personalized reports can be created in the “Search” tab. I assume we’ll be spending more time there than in basic reports.

However this can be a barrier to entry

Many users, because the process of implementing the tool itself will take much longer. Currently, it will not be enough to upload the code to the website. On the one hand, it will be necessary to rethink and implement advanced events on the Cape Verde Email List website and to rethink the way of analyzing this data. GA4 comes with help, which provides report templates to be created. There, we will be able to create reports on issues such as conversion paths or the shopping process in the store.

Even in the basic reports GA4 suggests

Email List

A change in the approach to data analysis from measuring individual contacts with the company towards measuring the entire relationship and life cycle. At the top are the acquisition reports, then engagement, and finally revenue generation. And what are the disadvantages of GA4? In the last paragraphs I wrote a lot about the Bab Directory advantages of GA4, but of course there are also disadvantages. First of all, it is still a very fresh and unfinished tool. New features are added all the time and its appearance is changed. Because of this, it may happen that not everything will work properly. The biggest downside, however, is the lack of historical data.

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