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It impossible to export data from UA and import it to GA4. Thus, at least for some time, it will be necessary to use both tools to analyze a longer period. This will not be convenient and may cause confusion when discussing such reports, where we will talk sometimes about sessions and sometimes about events. Although most of the basic events will be measured automatically after uploading the code, those tailored to our business will have to be implemented by ourselves. Currently, even the basic implementation of the ecommerce module often causes problems, not to mention non-standard implementations. A well-implemented Data Layer on the website will be a must have, and we will have to acquire more programming skills.

Due to the fact that the tool is still new

Popular CMS are not ready for it yet. Plugins for code implementation are not implemented, so often without access to the website’s code, implementation of GA4 will simply be impossible. Source: ecommerce/most-asked-questions-dotyczace-google-analytics-dla-sklepow-idosell/ To migrate or not? Since we already know the advantages and Cayman Islands Email List disadvantages of the tool, one more question remains: should we switch to GA4 now? The answer is yes and no. The lack of data continuity means that the sooner we implement GA4, the better. However, the tool is new enough that we should not rely on it alone.

Google suggests to use dual tagging parallel tracking

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It is simultaneously configuring GA4, developing these settings and discovering new meanders of analytics, but also maintaining the current way of reporting via a web service, i.e. Universal Analytics. Thanks to this, we will be able to learn new Bab Directory methods of measuring. Data and compare the results with both Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4, without any consequences for. The previously collected and optimized data.In October 2020. Google released the latest version of its analytics suite: Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The new service introduced a number of new features, and Google launched several updates as recently.

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