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Remember that users very often compare the offer of several stores, and if we see which competition they liked, we can use this information to optimize the campaign, improve the offer and increase conversion in our store. ” >> “recipient group statistics” tab recipient groups – screen facebook audience insight panel The secret weapon of e-commerce campaigns, i. groups of recipients that are worth having If we have a properly installed pixel, it is worth running remarketing, which is very often the mainstay of the entire campaign and helps. In the strong development of e-commerce. In order for remarketing to work like a well-oiled machine. It is worth supporting it with precisely prepared groups of specific users.

Very often the main campaign aimed

Closing sales in e-commerce is retargeting to people who added to the cart but did not convert or to people browsing the product. This is the most correct action, probably bringing the best results. It is worth remembering, however, that with a large number of people, throwing them all into one bag may mean that we will not reach all potential Paraguay Business Email List customers with our ads. Based on the information collected by the pixel, you can create custom audiences and extract the most valuable users. An interesting group that can be used for remarketing are. Visitors based on the frequency of visits to the website.

By creating such a list

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Directing our remarketing directly to them, we have a better chance of reaching customers who are more likely to complete subsequent purchases. sources and events – screen Another group are people who have spent a certain amount of time on the site . Creating such a group filters out “accidental customers. We must be aware that we reach Bab Directory a large group of people who only. Entered the website and did not take any major action). In this option, we can choose the percentage of people. Who spent the most time on the website from 5% to 25% (in the fashion industry. It is worth testing the first 25% of people and using the time range of 30 days or 180 days.

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