With broad campaign targeting, it is a good idea

First, let’s use age-narrowing, and by gender depending on who we address the offer to, secondly – even if we operate widely, it is good to set one interest so that the system learns to optimize campaigns within the main criterion. to add a cost limit, thanks to which the system strives to get as many conversions as possible, but at the average cost per purchase that we specify. campaign cost control If, on the other hand, we want to focus on more detailed targeting and narrow down the group by taking into account several interests, let’s try to choose them so that they are not too similar. Facebook very often assigns users several additional interests based on one main one.

For example if you have a clothing

Store and target users who like dresses, the Facebook system will probably show it to people who like skirts as well, because it will attribute related interests to users. Therefore, it is better to avoid such detailed targeting and focus on combining several separate groups, thanks to which we will actually direct our ads to the most valuable people. Instead Guyana Business Email List of narrowing down the campaigns to women who like dresses and skirts and t-shirts (let’s assume that we have such an assortment), it is better to test the campaigns to people who like shopping and fashion in general, and additionally narrow down to engaged users, i. those who most often click on the displayed them advertisingacebook targeting Facebook also has tools thanks to which we can e.g. better understand customer behavior on social media.

One of them is Audience Insight

Email List

Audience group statistics. This tool can be used to check the demographics. Or interest from the target group or to look at the traffic data on your own website. Provided that we have properly uploaded facebook pixel). By completing the data on our group of users, interesting results can be found in the “page likes” tab . Seemingly insignificant information about the pages most often liked by given users can bring us a large dose of. Knowledge Bab Directory with whom we compete in our target group. It is worth analyzing the offer of given competitors to see how they are trying to attract customers. Whether they have products similar to ours or at lower prices. Which promotional campaigns encourage them to buy in their store.

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