This tool also allows you to compare your profile

The amount of budget spent, cost of conversion, cost per click, revenue, which will allow you to better optimize your campaigns. You choose the username, account, metrics, set the date range and you’re done. Data from Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram and other Social Media channels can be combined with the knowledge about users who visit your online store, which you will get from Google Analytics, to work more effectively to generate sales! Busy/overworked? No problem. You can set automatic data refresh! Socialinsider – to analyze your competition. Want to outsmart your competition? Nothing easier! Socialinsider comes with help. The main source of verification of your competitors in Social Media.

How can Socialinsider help you

With this tool, you can check how many posts your competition publishes, whether your communication engages recipients and whether there is a fanpage growing behind your back, whose number of fans is constantly growing. Through Cuba Business Email List Socialinsider you can also check the most engaging posts on your competitor’s profile . . Top posts and engagement. You can connect Facebook, Instagram and in automating PPC and Social Media activities. Revealbot :revealbot/ is our AS up the sleeve.

Another tool that will allow

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You to achieve higher profits. This is thanks to intelligent. Advertising automation and effective management and optimization of Facebook Ads campaigns. The tool, based on Machine Learning, helps to develop our clients’ e-commerce. Generate sales and scale results by optimizing campaigns based on automatic rules. In the case of Facebook Bab Directory Ads campaigns with a large amount of data, automation is irreplaceable. Advanced algorithms that can quickly recalculate data in real time also come in handy. How will Revealbot help you? You can create your own rules in. The Rules tab or use ready-made strategies proposed by the tool in the Strategies tab.

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