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The Promo Traffic digital agency and what it’s like to work with us – we present more information below. ? office of the Promo Traffic digital agency What are the salaries at Promo Traffic like? Each position has specific pay scales that are known to all employees. So there are no situations in which you wonder if a new colleague doing the same job does not earn significantly more than you do after two years, or when you are not sure if your salary is not lower just because you are a woman. Each specialist also has clear margin goals – depending on the department and position. (For example, we have higher requirements for a senior than for a junior who has recently extended his adventure with us after the internship.

When you meet them, you receive a performance bonus

In a fixed amount (and situations in which you would not be able to achieve the basic goals , they practically do not happen with us.;)) Additionally, if you perform your tasks so well that the margin is higher – your bonus also increases! Different Aruba Email List departments have different ranges and margin targets – but for example, we present the distribution of gross remuneration in the PPC department . The figures below include the base salary and the monthly bonus – they do not include commission on achieving goals above the set threshold. How much an expert earns depends. Among other things, on on the type of projects and competences.

Intern: 2800 – 3500 Junior specialist

Email List

Team Leader: 7000 – 9500 What are the opportunities for promotions and development paths? When we talk (or: write) about the possibility of rapid development, we do not throw words to the wind! The journey from intern to senior/e-commerce Bab Directory expert or team leader takes on average 2-2.5 years . In recent years, we have developed a clear, structured promotion path, taking into account the individual expectations and skills of our specialists. From people taking up a given position. Specific competences are required – and as they develop. There is an opportunity to move up.

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