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Headquartered in Chile, the company has more than 500 stores and more than 400 “buy online, collect offline” locations across Latin America. Falabella has invested in a new warehouse in Chile. Which can be delivered within 48 hours after completion. According to the recent Meikto promotion data. On the first day of Cyber Monday, the best-selling products on Meikdo are World Cup-related products and mobile phones. In the ‘Sports’ category the most popular are. The Boca Juniors home and away jersey and the River Plate home jersey.

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In addition, these categories are also very popular. On the day of the promotion: • Home appliances – floor fan, Samsung Galaxy A23, smart TV (top three best sellers) • Beauty – mascara, dark circles Concealer, Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Face Cream (Top 3 Bestsellers) Toys – Panini World Cup Figurines, Armada Fleet, Colorful Thailand Mobile Number List Fireworks (Top 3 Bestsellers) Sustainable Categories – Reusable Bottles, Net Water tanks, organic weeds 2 Which social media do Chileans use? The extremely high Internet coverage rate promotes. The rapid development of e-commerce in Mexico, and also makes Chilean users. Mainly young people, develop the habit of online shopping.

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Falabella’s independent website in the Chilean market is worth learning from. According to data from Similarweb, 95% of the traffic on Falabella’s self-built independent website platform comes from Chile, half of. Which are consumers under the age of 35, 5166% of female consumers. And 4834% of male consumers. In the proportion of social Bab Directory media traffic on the site. It contributed the vast majority of traffic, as high as 4623%, followed by. Youtobe (2867%), (744%), WhatsApp (708%), (485%). If you want to lay out the Chilean market, you might as well pay more attention to these media platforms. 3 How to do social media marketing in Chile? According to statistics. Falabella has 3.2 million+ fans and millions of fans online.

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