Last year brought a lot of changes in e-export

This approach, combined with drawing the right conclusions and making corrections, will certainly have a positive impact on the results achieved and bring you closer to achieving your goals. The pandemic not only accelerated the development of e-commerce, but above all accelerated online cross-border trade. What do Polish e-shops gain from – according to the analysis of PromoTraffic and Selly. From the following analysis you will learn: How cross-border sales of Polish e-shops are growing What are the most popular directions of e-expansion of Polish stores How to prepare to enter foreign markets How to plan advertising activities on foreign markets According to the PwC report from September 2019, export sales from Poland to other EU countries using websites and applications are growing.

Its value according to data for 2016

Amounted to PLN 27.5 billion, but the percentage of companies conducting e-exports itself remained low – at the level of 4%, while the European average is almost twice as high (7%). , but the full results will have to wait. Data from Selly , a personalized Gambia Email List platform for running an online store and online wholesaler, already shows that the number and value of orders in stores selling cross-border are regularly growing. And last year is record-breaking. Comparing the first quarter of 2021 to the same period last year, the number of orders from outside Poland increased by 69%, and the total value of orders.

The growing importance of cross-border

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Trade is confirmed by Promo Traffic, an agency that supports large and medium-sized Polish e-shops in selling abroad. – Year after year, the international sales of the stores we work for are growing. Today the question is not if but when and from which market and why to start. Thanks to the large amount of data and experience gained in over 20 markets, we Bab Directory are able to effectively answer such questions, saving a lot of time and money, and using data and the latest technology to support e-commerce scaling – adds the president of Promo Traffic, a digital agency for ambitious e-commerce, which specializes in SEO/PPC campaigns on the Polish and foreign markets.

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