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How to choose a place of publication? There are millions of websites on the Internet where you can publish sponsored articles. You should choose the right domains from this. How to do it? At the beginning, it is worth checking the competition and verifying which pages your competition links to. Here, for example, Ahrefs will come in handy, where you can pull out a list of domains. , but your competitor does, we choose the best spots. Here, we focus on, for example, Domain Rating (DR), estimated traffic from. A given domain or the number of words for which the website is visible.

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Places and we should appear on them with a sponsored article. The second step is to search for thematic websites to which the written sponsored article will fit . Once you find such a place of publication, the only thing left to do is to submit sponsored articles for publication and make the payment. Unfortunately – you have to reckon with the Mauritania Email List fact that the publication on the most valuable websites will be expensive. Some of them also have specific requirements for texts. Their length, subject matter and quality. Types of Sponsored Articles. There are several types of sponsored articles. Below are the basic types of sponsored posts.

Expert articles This type of sponsored

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It should be of high substantive quality and comprehensively describe a given issue . Such a sponsored article requires proper preparation and gathering reliable sources. Often this type of sponsored article can. Be found on industry websites or Bab Directory expert websites. There is a smaller group of users there. But they are particularly interested in a given topic. Related articles This sponsored. Article is intended to gently. Refer to the site’s offerings . Subtle inclusions or an unobtrusive form. The user to go to your website.

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