Remember that your content can be read by both people

What should you know then. There are four basic stages of the sales funnel. At the beginning of the road and those at the third or even fourth stage. Therefore, at each stage of the funnel, various types of techniques are used to guide the potential customer to the next step. 1. Interest – an unknown Internet user gets acquainted with the service. Users at this stage of the funnel are looking for general information about PV. But they know little about it, so at this level they. Will definitely not decide to buy your service or product.

Your task is to raise awareness of these people

Educate, show doubts and possible scenarios on how to solve them. 2. Commitment. They have already gathered basic knowledge about them, which allowed them to conclude that the investment in their case is justified. In this step, they look for additional Maldives Email List information to confirm their belief and. The company from which they will complete their purchase. In this case, it’s worth presenting them. With content that solves their potential problems and drawing. A clear picture that your services or products are the best option.

Conversion – a customer who is committed

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The service. At this stage of the funnel there are buyers. Who need final confirmation regarding the selection of a specific company to carry out the investment. Provide them with credible information about your business leading to a purchase. 4. Loyalization a converting customer and. A satisfied buyer of your product or service. An important Bab Directory issue at this stage of. The funnel is not to leave the acquired customer alone. At this point, the most important issue that inbound.  The number of tasks at this stage depends on the specific goals that we set at the very beginning of planning the strategy.

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