This means that direct entrances are the most valuable

The number of purchases made in 2021. It is therefore worth ensuring visibility on such platforms. This year, a few percent increase occurred in the case of the direct channel, which is currently used by almost a third of customers. Traffic from search engines has a similar level, although here we are dealing with a slight decrease. Other channels – such as social media or Allegro – are rarely used in this category when purchasing this type of assortment. Category: Automotive This is a distinguished category. In stores with a different assortment – except for clothing – in the case of direct traffic, there is usually a strong correlation between the share of the number of orders and their value. It is exactly 31.24 percent, while the share of their value is almost 50 percent.

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In this category. Category: Clothing As much as half of all order amounts in the Clothing category come from direct visits to the website (an increase of over 2% compared to the previous year). The second most popular. Source of traffic are search Belgium Email List engines – they account for about ⅓ of all transactions, as well as the total value of purchases. It is worth noting the almost 6% decrease in Allegro’s share compared to last year in terms of the number of orders. Price comparison websites. On the other hand, generate traffic to a negligible degree. And last year they provided almost no customers to clothing stores.

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Markets of Sneakerstudio – the leader in the sale of Sneakers. Find out how online boutique Moda Size Plus increased its online revenue by 68% Category. Household electronics percentage of orders in the household appliances industry. Electronics Bab Directory and household appliances are most often purchased using price comparison websites – as much as 40 percent. Sales value is attributed to this source of traffic. In second place in terms of order amounts. Is direct traffic (over 30 percent, a slight decrease compared to the previous year). Search engines play a lesser role, so it can be concluded that buyers are determined and choose specific goods.

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